In the recent literature there are well-known books such us the ones from authors like Simon Brown (I’ve read and liked them) and also Bob Martin (I haven’t read Clean Architecture yet). The first book where I remember reading about architecture was Code Complete by Steve McConnell. I didn’t know many more books on architecture until last year, when I was invited to attend the GSAS conference in Barcelona and met seasoned professionals, I met book authors that I didn’t know. Just because of their wisdom when talking during the conference and the fact that many of them have been in the industry for more than 30 years, I got interest on their books. The point of view of veteran professionals is fascinating to me. Here you go, some of the books I discovered:

During the conference I also had the chance to talk with David Farley (author of the great book Continuous Delivery), and to meet old community colleagues like Viktor Farcic (who has written several interesting books), Álvaro García, Cristian Cotes, Juan Manuel Serrano or Cristian Ciceri among others. I had the chance to meet Alex Soto in person for the first time, author of Testing Java Microservices and more colleagues from the community that I had never met in person before. I really liked the event, had a great time and am thankful to all the people who made it possible.