• Founder of Lean Mind. Today I am the founder of Lean Mind, a software craftsmanship boutique based in the Canary Islands. A proud member of team that cares about customers and users working collaboratively with them.
  • I wrote my first line of code when I was 6, it was actually a listing from a book on BASIC.
  • AMIGA user and community member during my childhood.
  • Open source enthusiast since I discovered GNU/Linux in 1999.
  • Started working officially as a software developer in 2002.
  • I’ve been independent consultant, trainer and developer since 2009 helping dozens of teams and organizations all over Spain. Also training teams in Berlin, London, Brussels and Bordeaux.
  • From 2001 to 2009 worked for a wide variety of companies including my own startup.
  • XP (eXtreme Programming) practitioner since 2008.
  • Author of the first book on TDD in the Spanish language in 2010.
  • Speaker with more than a hundred talks given along my career.
  • Full stack developer using mostly JavaScript, C#, Java and Python.


| Twitter: @carlosble | LinkedIn


From Lean Mind we offer software development services. Moreover, I also run training courses and consultancy for teams and IT companies.

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