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Código sostenible is the book we all wish we had at the beginning of our journey as software developers.


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Carlos Blé playa
Carlos Blé playa

Ni cero, ni uno.
My podcast with stories from my 20 years in the software industry and interviews.


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My life in a timeline

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Carlos Blé de pequeño


The year I was born

Born in Córdoba, but my parents moved to Lanzarote when I was four. I grew up speaking Andalisian and Canarian dialects natively. I never know what to answer to, “where are you from?”.


My first PC

Mi dad bought an Intel 8086 together with some books on programming with BASIC. He was a self-taught, programming aficionado. He instilled his passion for technology in me.

Amiga 500
Amiga 1200


Amiga 500 & 1200

My friend Juan Carlos invited me to his house in the evening. He showed some Amiga demos and the IA assistant, Alan 1. It was freaking awesome. I couldn’t sleep. He lent me his Amiga 500 and I reconnected with my passion for computers.


College time

Moved to Tenerife, with my aunt, and started Computer Science at the local university, Universidad de La Laguna.

Facultad ULL
Shidix logo


My first venture

Together with three friends, who are still working on the same company today, Shidix.


Dublin, Ireland

Moved to Dublin as .Net Developer, for 12 months. I learned how to think in English, some slang and important life lessons. It helped me mature and gain confidence.

Irlanda D
libro TDD


My first book

I wanted to translate Kent Beck’s book on TDD, but I couldn’t afford to pay for the rights to the publisher. I wrote and self-published my own manual in Spanish, under Creative Commons license


My second venture

Co-founded Codesai, together with three more colleagues who were contracting at my client, AIDA. Two years later, I decided to leave, and Codesai became a coop.

Carlos Blé en Lean Mind


My third company

Funded Lean Mind, with a clear mission and vision, and with the support of Dácil Casanova as the CFO. I am thrilled leading Lean Mind. In 2023, we are a solid team of 40 people.


My second book

A mature book on TDD, with the lessons learned in the last 10 years. This time with copyright. This was also the year of my first big Keynote, at CAS2019 in Barcelona.

Foto Carlos Blé
Podcast C


My podcast is born

In Spanish, it’s called “Ni cero ni uno”. A program where I get to share my own stories and to interview friends with relevant experience in the IT industry.


My third book

Código Sostenible is the title of my latest book, a guide to write maintainable code. After almost two years of work, and many more years willing to write this manual, I am very satisfied with the result and the community is giving great feedback. The book is selling very well.

Código sostenible