Tools I have been using

Some people asked me what are the best tools to develop on Mono and .Net, or at least which ones do I use.
For those who develop on MS .Net, you must know that the only OS you have is MS Windows. SharpDevelop is an IDE for Windows which is open source and is pretty nice. I think that you don't need MS Visual Studio although it is one of the best IDE I've ever seen. SharpDevelop can be useful also to develop on Mono but I don't think that it is a good idea.
If you want to port your .Net application to Mono on POSIX platforms (let's say Linux), you can use MoMa to check how portable your code is. That tool will tell you if your code is well supported on Mono. It could not be portable because you are using not ECMA standard code but Microsoft Libraries or becuase the functionality is not implemented yet. If it is 100% portable you would not have problems to run it on Mono without effort.
To port your existing Mono application to .Net is easier since all the code is standard or multiplatform, as for example the Gtk+ library, which run on MS Windows. You can use the .Net runtime to run your mono application without problems, or you can install Mono on Windows (the is a nice installer to do so).
To develop on Mono and Linux, first of all you must choose a distribution. I wrote a post on distributions and Mono some time ago so you can search and read it. Then my advise is to use the last version of MonoDevelop IDE, which is the Mono version of SharpDevelop and is being improved everyday. The GUI designer for desktop applications using Gtk# is the best I've ever seen, even better than MS Visual Studio or NetBeans. However, you don't have support for Web controls desing at the moment.
If you use CastleProject for your projects, you can develop on .Net or Mono, using all the IDEs above, just by adding the references to the libraries. You can use IIS or Apache + mod_mono as servers.
Is quite simple. Please if you have any questions post a comment.

Living and Working in Dublin

Im finally settled in Dublin, Ireland. This has been a really great aventure because I came to Ireland without home nor job. I arrived to a dirt chep hostel in which I met a lot of interesting people from a lot of countries, all of them trying to start a new life. Unfortunately, some of them are in a very difficult situation because of the money, the family and the politics in their countries, in special people from east Europe. To share my first weeks with these people has been an important experience for me.
To let a flat or a room in Dublin is really difficult if you don't have a job, and to get a job is sometimes difficult if you don't have an irish address, so lets say that things were not very easy.
Fortunately I have a nice room in a nice place and I have an exciting and amazing job, which I started yesterday.
The company in which I am working now is called Buy4Now (, which is an important company in Ireland and I am working in a new huge project as a developer, working with .Net 2.0 and 3.0. There are a lot of new things for me like MS Sql Server 2005 and the T-SQL and also the ASP.NET web forms, because I was working with MonoRail in the past two years.
People at the company are very nice and I am so happy of being part of this project and team.
No I have less time to work in free/open software but I still read the mailing list and playing with Mono, Castle, Linux and all the open stuff.
I have been attending to some english classes but my english still be horrible as you can see. It will be better someday ;-).
This is my first time outside Spain, everything is exciting.