Beagle in the Castle

I have coded a Beagle web interface for MonoRail. It let you search keywords inside documents, IM conversations and other files in your hard disk. Beagle rocks :-). It uses Beagle.dll instead of doing system calls and the code is pretty simple. It is based on beagle-search (Gtk#). This is the controller code, and this is the QueryWrapper class

You can download a tarball contaning all files including Makefile here. Dont forget to export MONO_PATH variable pointing to the place which contains Beagle.dll and Util.dll

SharpTranslator 0.1

I was an user of the i2e (english to spanish word translator; apt-get install i2e) and I wanted to support the project by adding new words but the project seems to be died. So I have taked the i2e dictionary and developed a little Gtk# application which is a new translator using MonoDevelop +Stetic and SQLite3. It also supports a lot of languages.
Unfortunately I forgot the YouTranslate project but I will study it for next releases and colaborations.
I encourage you to use SharpTranslator and increase the dictionary. Send me your translator.db with your new words to add it to the svn. Donwload the binary here.

ActiveRecord and NHibernate second level cache

Wow!!! NHibernate second level cache rocks!. Before enabling the NHibernate second level cache in my Castle web application, a controller accesing several models in the database delayed about 40 seconds in process and render a request. This becomes the application useless but is comprehensible, is the cost of relational objects because Im accesing the database several times with my objects and their relations. Thanks to the second level cache and the easy method to enable it in my ActiveRecord models, now the same request is processed in 1 second. Yes! 1 second!!!. I want to say thanks to ActiveRecord and NHibernate hackers (in special to Kevin Williams and Ayende Rahien for the help) for their efforts and really impressive work.

Read this to learn how to enable the cache in ActiveRecord.

Increasing Eclipse performance on Ubuntu

Eclipse package in Ubuntu Dapper depends on the GNU Java bytecode interpreter (gij-4.1) and the performance is extremly bad, is very heavy. Nowdays there are official Ubuntu packages for Sun JDK (sun-java5-jdk) and the performance is obviously greather, the difference is really important, so I downloaded the Eclipse binary package from and I'm using it with Sun JDK (just apt-get).
Now I can write code without wait a few seconds or minutes between every carriage return in the source editor.
Another way to improve the performance is to use Netbeans 5, because it is much lighter than Eclipse and is better to do some task like gui applications design.
I use NetBeans to create and manage Swing forms and Eclipse to write the code.

I Congreso de GULIC

Este fin de semana en San Miguel (Tenerife, España) se celebra el I Congreso de GULIC . Es una oportunidad estupenda para los que se están iniciando en el mundo del software libre a nivel usuario y también a nivel desarrollador o administrador de sistemas.

El sabado por la mañana hablaré de Mono y MonoDevelop para desarrollar aplicaciones de escritorio con Gtk#. Si alguien ve este post a tiempo y quiere sugerir algo, que envie un comentario.