Carlos Ble

Carlos Ble

I am a professional software developer, I solve problems.

I also teach and mentor developers to build better software.

Developing software since 2001.

Can I help you?

  • Do you need high quality tailor-made software?
  • Need training on TDD, clean code or refactoring?
  • Do you need a technical consultant?
  • May I pair with you to write better code?


Upcoming training courses:

  1. TDD - [en Español] - 6 y 7 Octubre
    Gran Canaria
  2. TDD - [in English] - October 20, 21 & 22
    London, UK
  3. TDD - [en Español] - 29, 30 y 31 de Octubre.
    Madrid, Spain


  1. I'll be at the Agile Testing Days 2014
  2. I'll be at the London Test Gathering Workshops.

problems with DOCTYPE and Javascript

The way in which the browser interpret the document change when the DOCTYPE changes. You can read about DOCTYPE here. The question is that you need to declare a DOCTYPE to build a valid document and there are several problems. One of this is that the way in which Firefox interprets javascript seems to be different when you add "DOCTYPE" to your document. I am using a fantastic library called Boxover to draw floating boxes but today it crashed when I added the DOCTYPE. Here is my little patch for this

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