This is a small set of interesting ideas that struck me from David Nebinski’s interview with Seth Godin on podcasting – well, actually on his new book The Practice, which I am enjoying a lot – will blog about it soon. There are so many other insightful ideas in the podcast but I believe I have them internalized after the altMBA.

  • You become a podcaster by making podcasts – he says “25” episodes to give a kind of clue.
  • What leap do I have to make to become a creative podcaster?
    • Some day it turns out that your latest episode is way better than any other previous one. It’s remembered over time.
  • The best way to get listeners and then revenue, is to do things that aren’t designed to get listeners.
  • On interviews:
    • The value relies on your particular point of view. The value is in confronting the interviewee with different ideas. It’s about the collisions those interviewees have with the interviewee that create something special for the audience.
    • Researching, about the interviewee.
    • You don’t interview people that are interviewing a lot, instead you give different people a voice, having a different format.
    • You don’t need famous guests, you just need guests who resonate with your audience
  • Why listen to this when there are so many other things to listen to?
  • Don’t take it personally: It’s our work, it’s not us because when we fail, it’s not us who failed, it’s just our work.
  • Seek to be more specific, not more popular generic or popular.

Insightful tips for my ongoing podcast and the new one we are about to launch soon.

Thank you for your podcast David!