In the spring of 2019, I enrolled in an online program called altMBA, aiming to get better at sales, marketing, management… aiming to level up my CEO skills. As a developer I felt I needed to take an MBA to complement my studies but I didn’t want to spend several years on a traditional MBA. I’ve been running my own companies for over a decade, learning the hard way, making mistakes. At this time I felt that a traditional MBA wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

At the beginning of the year I saw an advertisement about altMBA, saw that it was designed by Seth Godin and within minutes I sent my application for it.

altMBA (#30) surpassed all my expectations, it’s been a milestone in my life. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to make an impact.

I’ve recorded a short video telling my experience, what’s all about and how it works:

Brief summary of the video:

  • It’s an online program for leaders, change-makers, managers, those who want to take the leap and change their world.
  • The community is empowering, inspiring, the people who take the altMBA love reading books, learning and sharing. It’s a safe environment to develop your skills leaning on others – standing on the shoulders of giants.
  • Yes you learn about coaching, sales, marketing, management. But more importantly you’ll learn to listen, to empathize, to fight your resistance and dance with fear. You’ll develop a habit of shipping often, you’ll become more productive.
  • It’s a program developed to become a Linchpin.
  • There are people from all over the world. The written and spoken language is English. It was very challenging for me to get into profound conversations with my English but I made it. No one judged me for my mistakes, my strong Spanish accent or anything like that. As long as you can understand others and manage to express yourself, you can join. Understanding others wasn’t very easy for me as there are accents of all kinds, not only from native speakers but from non-native speakers. I have actually improved my English quite a lot over this period as I searched for every single word or expression that was new to me in the dictionary. Some people have a very rich vocabulary.
  • Everything is online: Zoom, Discourse, and Slack for videoconferencing, forums and instant messaging.
  • Although most people combined the altMBA with their jobs, I needed to set time aside for it. I am happy I did so, grateful to my colleagues for their support and patience and specially to my incredible wife. The more time you invest in the exercises provided, the more you will learn from them. This is why I would take it as a retreat, during vacations time or perhaps working part time. The team meetings happens in the evenings so yes, you can definitely combine it with your job – be prepared to skip some sleep though.

    If I was to tell you more about it, all the secrets, then I would have to kill you later. This is why I am going to stop telling you about altMBA.

Go for it, make an impact!