There are two major events in the Agile-Spain Community. One is a conference and the other is an Open space. In June 2013 (21st and 22nd), the Open Space will be held in Tenerife, Canary Islands, a paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Perfectly connected with Europe thanks to its two international airports.

I am helping with the organization, am part of the staff in this edition. In previous editions, we haven’t had talks by non-Spanish people. It would be great to have guests from all over the world this time. We would love to have talks in English during the event. Everyone will understand English (although not everyone would be able to speak  fluent English) so it is a great opportunity to meet the Spanish agile community. There will be 2 or 3 tracks. At least we will have a technical track and a management track. Between 150 and 200 people from all over the country will attend.

We are planning leisure activities the days before and after the event, for those willing to spend some days off in the island. I’ll be organizing a “snorkling” morning for example:

All I say in the video is that you should bring your diving mask 🙂

We’ll go hiking, on party, and more. You will also enjoy traditional local dishes (home made!). Perfect for holidays and networking.
These islands are an excellent place for outsourcing development and this is the perfect opportunity to meet the right people 😉

Open Space Date: 21st and 22nd, June 2013
Current Website (will change soon):

As this is not a conference, travel expenses won’t be refunded, because we don’t even know who is going to be a speaker (this is an open space). However, we will probably get nice discounts for accommodation. Lunch and dinner will be covered by the sponsors.

I am also planning an edition of my BDD workshop for JavaScript developers in the same week. The workshop will be in English 🙂 For more information about the workshop date, please subscribe to the upcoming workshops list.

If you need any other information regarding the event, please contact me directly at “carlos AT iexpertos DOT com”.

See you in June 🙂