The documentation on how to upload bulk data to Google App Engine’s data store:

How to express relationships between models? How to support utf-8 in the bulk load?
Here is my

from appengine_django import InstallAppengineHelperForDjango

import datetime
from google.appengine.ext import db
from import bulkloader

from myapp.models import *

class MyLoader(bulkloader.Loader):
  def __init__(self):
    bulkloader.Loader.__init__(self, 'MyModel',
                                  lambda x: Country.get_by_key_name(x)),
                                  lambda x: unicode(x, 'utf-8')),
                                  lambda x: unicode(x, 'utf-8'))

loaders = [MyLoader]

The cvs:
ES, someCode, someName

The command line to upload the data:
.google_appengine/ upload_data – –filename=bulkdata.csv –kind=MyModel .

Problems I had: