Carlos Ble

Carlos Ble

I am a professional software developer, I solve problems.

I also teach and mentor developers to build better software.

Working as an independent professional since 2009.

Can I help you?

  • Do you need high quality tailor-made software?
  • Need training on TDD, clean code or refactoring?
  • Is it risky? do you need advise?
  • May I pair with you to write better code?


Upcoming public training courses:

  1. [in English] May 5, 6 & 7
    TDD - Train the Trainers (iSQI)
    Potsdam, Berlin
  2. [en Español] 23, 24 y 25 de Abril.
    Curso de TDD con examen de certificacion iSQI
  3. [en Español] 29, 30 y 31 de Octubre.
    Curso de TDD con examen de certificacion iSQI


  1. I'll be at SocratesUK 2014
  2. I'll be at the London Test Gathering Workshops.

What I do:

Pair programming with Maxi

I love crafting software. I also teach other developers to build better software tools. I offer development and training services.

Apart from that, my partner and I run a humble  animal welfare non-profit in the Canary Islands.

I like to think that I develop software for a better world. First because it makes my users' life easier, and second because it gives me money to help animals in need.

Contact: carlos (AT) iexpertos (DOT) com

What I can do for your company:

I visit companies to help them in several aspects:
-  Training developers on Test Driven Development.
-  Training on Object Oriented Design, SOLID design principles and Clean Code.
-  Writing software with them. The best way to teach other developers is to write software with them,  pairing with them every day for a couple of months.
-  Helping managers and business analysts write better requirements, user stories, acceptance criteria.
-  I can just be another developer in your team, as long as the project motivates me to join your team.

What I can do for you: Pair programming for charity ;-)

Life project :
Make my best everyday to work towards a better world. We are saving money to buy a piece of land and create a refuge for cats and dogs. A place for animals and permaculture. Dreaming is for free ;-)
I also would like to write software for my whole life.

---------------  More about me:

My Book:



Online applications:

My current open source projects:

  • PassiveView.js - jQuery wrapper for unit tests with GUI.
  • flas - Fluent api for asynchronous JavaScript testing.

Old open source projects: