Configuring Targus keyboard

2013-08-17 13.15.10
Steve and Imo during a Code Kata

I've bought a new keyboard to use it with my laptop when I travel and also for coding dojos. It's small, cordless and with US layout which is what I use for coding. Very handy. It's a Targus AKB33US.

But it hasn't been easy to configure on my Ubuntu (I use lxde, known as lubuntu).

First the bluetooth... I needed to try it on Windows and also the help of my friends to get to know how to configure the bluetooth keyboard. I am using "Blueman" desktop app to configure it on Linux. And also a bluetooth-usb adapter. First you search for devices, and once the keyboard is found you select "Pair" from the right mouse button menu. Then it asks for a pin. Choose whatever you want (1234 for example) and click OK, and right after that introduce 1234 in the bluetooth keyboard.  Unfortunately Blueman doesn't tell you this but the Window's app did. Then also select "Trust" from the context menu. Then it should work.

The bad thing about Targus keyboard is that Delete and BackSpace keys are swapped and that is frustrating. This is the way to fix it on my machine.

  1. # reset key map:
  2. setxkbmap us
  3. # swap keys
  4. xmodmap -e "keysym Delete = BackSpace"
  5. xmodmap -e "keycode 22 = Delete"

Thanks to Steve and Imo for the help with the keyboard in our last code kata together.

  • Antonio Martínez

    I have a logitech K-760 and its combo Bluetooth + solar charge with a tiny size make it the best accessory for my laptop, tablet and phone. It can load three Bluetooth profiles for three different devices.

  • Imobach Martín

    It was a bit of a hassle. I’m glad to see that you’ve posted it. GJ

  • Steve Purves

    we’ll be ready to rock for next time 🙂

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  • Rubén Antón

    Hi, I’m going to buy a laptop soon and I don’t know if I should buy with US or ES keyboard. I would like work outside of Spain in future. Why do you use US layout for coding?

  • carlosble

    the US layout is faster for coding, the common symbols like curly braces, brackets, etc are easier to reach. When you work in the US or UK/Ireland, you’ll have to use them anyway.

  • whung wey yang

    Hi guys, I have the exact keyboard but using it on an imac. You made it look so easy. Can you tell me how to do this on an imac? thanks a lot