My new commercial site is published

You can now visit my new commercial site at 🙂
Although I will move to Dublin permanently on next week and I hope to join a software development company as .Net developer, I'll still work as a freelance as well. There have been interesting colaborations in the past with nice developers from the open source community as Jeremy and I think that we compose a good team of colaborators to engage projects from all at over the world. By avoiding the cost of an office, insurance and other expenses it is possible to build a network of developers working from their homes and to focus on software development. The idea came to me when some former customers and friends wanted me to work in custom made applications for their business.
Hopefully my english will be much better after the next months living in Dublin.

Now Reading

The two books I am reading now on application frameworks are really exciting and interesting.

  • Developing Application Frameworks in .Net, by Xin Chen
    This book is the perfect sample on how to implement GOF's design patterns over .Net. It gives you implementation examples through the Chen's Simple Application Framework which contains very interesting engines and teachs you on .Net capabilities. I plan to use some parts of the SAF into my Boxerp Framework as the Cache engine for the client side, because I already have a cache at the server side provided by NHibernate second level cache. Im disagree in some points as for instance, the use of SoapSuds in Remoting instead of Interfaces dlls deployment but the most part of the book is awesome. It is very short, you can read it in just one week.
  • Expert C# 2005 Business Objects, by Rockford Lhotka
    This is a 616 pages book plenty of rationale for building frameworks that shows you the implementation of the Rockford's CSLA framework throughout the book and also shows it's use by making sample applications on it.
    It is fantastic to read that seasoned developers as Rockford face the very same issues than you as developing applications or frameworks and also that sometimes there is only one way to get the right solution. But it is more exciting to read a rationale that forces you to change your mind to address the problem in a different manner, or to realize that there are quite a few means of solving a problem. For instance you might design some part of the framework to be used in desktop applications and then realize that you can't leverage that part on a web app. The book may help you on how to write more reusable code among other matters.

What I don't like in either books is that they never quote any open source technology as Mono, MySQL, NHibernate, or Apache, they always quote Microsoft technologies. That is no problem for me because I know that technologies, I know that there is a wonderful .Net multiplatform framework called Mono which is open source, and a wornderful ORM as ActiveRecord but I think the books are not complete for young or junior developers because of this.
You can find out them at Amazon: Here and here

New site

Im glad to present my new site hosted on my new server. People at are very nice, they set up the Linux distribution you want for your dedicated server. Im using Debian Etch (Debian testing branch) for this server. The price and the service are also really good. Im thinking of setting up several Xen virtual machines to let my friends to publish his demos or projects on Mono or CastleProject, if you are interested in that please contact me (it's free).
Some look&feel changes for this blog are coming soon. I'll maybe build my main site with CastlePortal.

New year, new life; goodbye Shidix

It's time to say goodbye Shidix. The past two years have been very exciting, they have been a really great aventure. To work together with my partners to address the company has been a challenge and I've learned a lot of things on either development and business. I want to say thanks to all my partners and co-workers along this time. Now it's time to change my life, to face new challenges and still grow on software development. I am moving this blog to my own domain, you will see it in a few days.
Now I am working as a freelance and I'll move to Dublin on febrary to look for a new exciting job. Hopefully I will live in Dublin for a long time. Don't hesitate to contact me for job offers 🙂
See you soon