Test Doubles

Learn by doing

tag Learn how to use test doubles effectively to write fast, robust and reliable unit tests. Learn how to use them to test-drive your design from the outside-in. It's time to clarify the differences between mocks, spies and stubs.

Take the class in English or Spanish

The language should not be a problem. There are groups talking in Spanish and groups talking in English. Choose whatever your prefer.

Using your preferred programming language

This training can be done with Python, Java, C# and JavaScript. Because the programming language should not get in your way to maintainable collaboration unit tests with doubles. The programming language for every edition is decided according to the majority of the participants. If they chose a different language than you, don't worry there will be more editions in your preferred language.

With a small group of people

You will not only learn from Carlos and yourself, but also from your colleagues. To make sure everyone gets the opportunity to participate and share, groups are limited to ten people

From home, compatible with your job

This is a 5 hours remote training course with your host Carlos Ble (2.5 hours per day). Training happens after work, in the evening. Because you don't want to take days off or weekends.

You'll be mostly coding

By watching others work you may understand, but only when you try it yourself you assimilate what you learn. Carlos will explain theory briefly and code some examples live but most of the time you'll be coding and he will be reviewing your work to make corrections and suggestions.


You'll need microphone, speakers, Java (to join the online class) and willingness to learn.

What participants say about this training:

  • "Siempre que asisto a un curso con Carlos aprendo y me da las herramientas para seguir avanzando. Un placer aprender con un gran profesional."
    Isidro Merayo
  • "Muy práctico y con un profesor de excepción. Sinceramente no te arrepentirás."
    Rubén Antón
  • "Tanto si ya piensas que conoces el mundo de los test doubles, como si estas dando los primeros pasos, este excelente curso te amueblará la cabeza."
    Roberto Matas
  • "Curso genial para tener ese primer empujón que necesitamos para empezar."
    Alberto Perez

Upcoming editions

June 25 & 26 2014 - JavaScript

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If you want to join the next edition or future editions of the training, please fill in the form. We will contact you right after your subscription. Groups will be made according to the programming language chosen by participants. If you want to join the next edition but it happens to be with a different programming language than the one you prefer, you will be notified so that you can join the group anyway or wait until a new group is gathered.

It's only 69£!

(69$ or 69€ depending on the country you join us from).

With money back guarantee!

You don't have to give any reasons, if you are not satisfied with the training just ask for your money and it will be refunded immediately.

About Carlos Ble

brass lock

Carlos is author of pyDoubles a test doubles framework for Python.

In 2008 Carlos started using TDD for pretty much every piece of software he needed to write. In 2010 he published the first book on TDD in the Spanish language. In the last three years he has been training developers in several countries, and writing code with them. Apart from that, he has been investing his time and money in several web start-ups, always applying what he teaches to his own crafted software.

Twitter: @carlosble