Do you want to be a CAT? (Certified Agile Tester)

Potsdam is beautiful specially in this time of the year, it's definitely a must see,  I am loving the place. However, I am not here for tourism reasons. I am attending a special training called "Train the trainers" for those professionals who want to be trainers in the Certified Agile Tester program. And it's not because I am going to be a trainer for the CAT, it's about other training program we are planning 🙂 but will talk about that in a future post.
This is the first training for testers I attend to and I am really enjoying it. Half the training is about agile. The contents are very well prepared and so the teacher. So I can tell that in this training, people learn a lot and have to study and participate a lot. Not everyone passes the exam.

In this edition there are participants from 6 different countries or so and the atmosphere is great. One of my colleagues comes from Mexico, what a long trip!

The exercise I've enjoyed the most so far is the Lego game. Building a city "the agile way". You can find all the pictures here.

And there it is the short retrospective with lessons learned from the game in our small team:

  • We didn't ask enough to the product owner in the first iteration (acceptance criteria).
  • We didn't agree on some criteria or conventions even between us.
  • We didn't do any spike to have at least a rough idea of what a story point represented.
  • We committed ourselves with a bunch of user stories for the first sprint without any clue of how much does it take to build a single house and without any acceptance criteria for it.
  • Although I didn't feel any good at the beginning of the first sprint, with all those questions on my head, I couldn't prevent my 3 team mates from start building like crazy. Uncomfortable situation for me... I felt we were going to crash but couldn't avoided, we just crashed like dummies. Fortunately we did way better the next iteration so experiencing the failure was positive and maybe necessary for us to react and improve  🙂
This game, along with the marshmallow challenge are my two favorite metaphors to introducing agile in the small.
Best look to all the trainers that are going to do the exam on Friday!