NUnit on Mono: TypeLoadException

MonoDevelop 1.0 is available for Ubuntu 8.04, that is great news!. Mono 1.2.6 is the current version for this distro too. MonoDevelop 1.0 is 100 times more stable than 0.14 and it makes me feel productive now. It almost does not crash, the gui layout is very nice and the autocompletion works pretty well. I discarded OpenSuse eventually because it is sooooo slow, soooo heavy. By the way, Ubuntu Hardy works very well on my desktop computer but it makes my laptop crash very often :-(.
Mono community seems very small to me. I'd say people is using Mono to run their .Net apps on Linux but I don't see many people developing on Mono directly. Its development is in progress though, so good news again.

The tougher problem I've found so far is that NUnit wasn't working right. One of my unit tests is loading an assembly using Assembly.Load and then trying to get its types with assembly.GetTypes() and NUnit was throwing TypeLoadException. The solution has been to download NUnit 2.4.8 from the web, unzip it, change the nunit-console.exe.config to set encoding=utf-8 in the first line, and copy all the files under the bin folder to /usr/lib/nunit/. It is working fine, the test works.

The other problem is that adding an App.config file to my project makes gmcs (mono compiler) fail with "Parsing error". I have no clue, what's going on here?.

  • Andrés G. Aragoneses

    For the NUnit problem, CC yourself here:

    For the second problem, I’d say Mono 1.2.6 is pretty old. Upgrade and, if the issue is still there, file a bug 😉


  • Carlos Ble

    Gracias Andres!
    Nice to read from you mate!
    Mono 1.2.6 is the latest for Ubuntu. I am not keen on compiling mono from sources and fight with two mono versions running on my system and all that crap right now 🙂
    Hope you are enjoying your job in the mono team.

  • Andrés G. Aragoneses

    Using Ubuntu Hardy? Then you’re lucky 😉

    BTW, I’m not in the Mono Team, but in the SLED Time, although our work mainly ends on Mono software repository (some work also lands on Gnome and Freedesktop projects 😉 )

  • Andrés G. Aragoneses


    oops 🙂

  • Carlos Ble

    Thanks Andres!
    Unfortunately, meeby does not include packages for 64 bits architecture so I can’t use mono 1.9.1 from his repository.
    I’ll wait for official Ubuntu packages.
    All the best in the SLED Team 🙂