Hammett is joining Microsoft

Awesome news! Hamilton Verissimo is joining Microsoft. These are just great news because another great open source developer is joining the Redmon company. The CastleProject should be mature enough to survive without Hammett although he says he can still work on it. Best luck mate, congratulations.
I hope Microsoft develop more open source projects like IronPython and the super hackers they are hiring leverage the company with the open source spirit.
By the way, regards to my colleagues Atilla and Ben who joined MS last year in Dublin 🙂

My new ergonomic keyboard

When I got the problem in my hand because of typing too much, I made the decision of taking care of my hands.


S8000026.JPGMy new ergonomic keyboard is very confortable, and has QWERTY and DVORAK layouts. I plan to learn

the DVORAK layout to reduce the efforts my hands have to do and increase the speed. This Kinesis keyboard is highly recommendable 🙂
The bad thing is the cost of the shipment as I had to order it from the US. Next time I'll ask for regular shipment rather than UPS which is really expensive.
(See the keys with QWERTY and DVORAK chars in the photo). It works fine on Linux as well.

Leaving Ireland

It's time to say goodbye again. This days I am documenting and helping my colleague Audry to take over the application I've working on, in the past 6 months. A desktop application written on WPF to manage the contents of the brand new King Pundit website. It is nice to see King Pundit running, we've made it from scratch. Actually, I haven't done anything in the website other than fixing a few bugs but I'm proud of my team.
I started in Buy4Now at the beginning of the year and since that, everyone has treated me very well. I haven't have any conflicts with anybody, I've really enjoyed the "craic" in here, and the company has done a lot for me. When I came here I wasn't able to talk in english, it took me half an hour to build a sentence and pronnounce it. Now I still don't understand my friends John and Allan, but at least I understand most of my colleagues and I can talk quite "fast".
I've learned a lot this year and I've met great developers here. So apart from the huge live experience that is going out to another country with a different language, the technical experiencie has been fantastic.
I came here developing on Mono and MonoDevelop,... now I leave this place using Visual Studio and .Net 3.0, and I'm quite happy for that, it is very good to realise which platform makes you more productive.
I'll miss this country becuase Ireland is a wonderful place and the Irish are great people in my opinion. I remember that at the beginning, I wasn't able to drink more than a pint of Guinness, but now I can drink 5!, ... it's all about training 🙂
In 2008 I'll be back in the Canaries, beatiful and sunny Spanish islands. I'll probably lose my english "fluency" but will get some sun tan so... yeah, I'll get recovered from this sad moment. I'll be ok.
Thanks to Dan, Alex and Atilla for the decision they made about hiring me and thanks for everything to everyoneelse at Buy4Now for being patient with me.

Now let's go to the pub to say goodbye properly, isn't it?

Living and Working in Dublin

Im finally settled in Dublin, Ireland. This has been a really great aventure because I came to Ireland without home nor job. I arrived to a dirt chep hostel in which I met a lot of interesting people from a lot of countries, all of them trying to start a new life. Unfortunately, some of them are in a very difficult situation because of the money, the family and the politics in their countries, in special people from east Europe. To share my first weeks with these people has been an important experience for me.
To let a flat or a room in Dublin is really difficult if you don't have a job, and to get a job is sometimes difficult if you don't have an irish address, so lets say that things were not very easy.
Fortunately I have a nice room in a nice place and I have an exciting and amazing job, which I started yesterday.
The company in which I am working now is called Buy4Now (buy4now.com), which is an important company in Ireland and I am working in a new huge project as a developer, working with .Net 2.0 and 3.0. There are a lot of new things for me like MS Sql Server 2005 and the T-SQL and also the ASP.NET web forms, because I was working with MonoRail in the past two years.
People at the company are very nice and I am so happy of being part of this project and team.
No I have less time to work in free/open software but I still read the mailing list and playing with Mono, Castle, Linux and all the open stuff.
I have been attending to some english classes but my english still be horrible as you can see. It will be better someday ;-).
This is my first time outside Spain, everything is exciting.

My new commercial site is published

You can now visit my new commercial site at www.carlosble.com 🙂
Although I will move to Dublin permanently on next week and I hope to join a software development company as .Net developer, I'll still work as a freelance as well. There have been interesting colaborations in the past with nice developers from the open source community as Jeremy and I think that we compose a good team of colaborators to engage projects from all at over the world. By avoiding the cost of an office, insurance and other expenses it is possible to build a network of developers working from their homes and to focus on software development. The idea came to me when some former customers and friends wanted me to work in custom made applications for their business.
Hopefully my english will be much better after the next months living in Dublin.

New site

Im glad to present my new site hosted on my new server. People at abansys.com are very nice, they set up the Linux distribution you want for your dedicated server. Im using Debian Etch (Debian testing branch) for this server. The price and the service are also really good. Im thinking of setting up several Xen virtual machines to let my friends to publish his demos or projects on Mono or CastleProject, if you are interested in that please contact me (it's free).
Some look&feel changes for this blog are coming soon. I'll maybe build my main site with CastlePortal.

New year, new life; goodbye Shidix

It's time to say goodbye Shidix. The past two years have been very exciting, they have been a really great aventure. To work together with my partners to address the company has been a challenge and I've learned a lot of things on either development and business. I want to say thanks to all my partners and co-workers along this time. Now it's time to change my life, to face new challenges and still grow on software development. I am moving this blog to my own domain, you will see it in a few days.
Now I am working as a freelance and I'll move to Dublin on febrary to look for a new exciting job. Hopefully I will live in Dublin for a long time. Don't hesitate to contact me for job offers 🙂
See you soon