Let’s try to keep the blog alive

No much to blog on software development or hacking these days. Currently I've changed the hacking sessions for the hanging out ones but I'll come back and I don't want the blog to die. I am learning a lot of things on software development thanks to my project architect 😉 in special on Generics and Object Oriented Design so I promise I'll blog.
For any unkown reason, there is a connection between computers and music for a lot of developers including myself.
When I was in the high school I used to compose music in my old Amiga 1200 computer with a 4 tracks tracker called Protracker. At the same time I enjoyed to listen to great guitarists like Satriani, Vai or Petrucci and I was learning to play the guitar with friends. I think that I felt better playing the guitar than making software but computers have been taking all my time in the last years. Now I want to be back and enjoy music again.
By looking some videos at YouTube I've found this incredible boy (Cesar Huesca), which only has 21 years old and is able to play as Satriani, Vai and others not only with acurate technic but with strong feeling. Look at this video is really virtuous!!! in fact all Cesar videos are awesome.
What about you? Are you also a software developer who enjoy music?
It would be cool if some of you help me to improve my bad english by sending the mistakes I make in the posts using the comments.