Programming through VNC

TightVNC settings

I connect to my desktop PC (which is very powerful) from my laptop (very old), when I feel like coding from the other room, the couch or the bed. Desktop is a Windows 7 machine, laptop is Ubuntu. I have installed TightVNC on the Windows machine and SSVNC (without any SSL) package on Ubuntu. Everything was fine but still, the cursor was moving so slow through the source code.

The key is the "Screen pooling cycle" option on the TightVNC configuracion. It's default value is 1000 but changing it to 100, makes me feel like I am coding in my desktop PC.

This is obviously in my LAN, through the internet it's better to use Teamviewer or Chrome Remote Desktop. And if you can work only with a terminal, then SSH+ Tmux is the best choice.

Happy couch coding!


  • Carlos Ble

    By the way, the option “Grab transparent windows” have to be marked in order for Visual Studio menus to be visible in the client.