Developers needed

Do you want to work (part time) on development projects using Django?. We're looking for candidates all over the planet, we'll work over the internet. If you've got:

  • Interest on test driven development and other XP techniques
  • Good english level (at least as bad as mine)
  • Python experience
  • Subversion experience

Django knowledge is also interesting. Remember this is just part time, not any permanent position.
Hackers please send me an email with your CV, or just your blog and your rates. Thanks 🙂

  • Juan Carlos Caso Alonso

    I’m from canary Island, and a friend of mine told me that you too. I’ll continue writing in English so you can decide about my level (but I’m better reading than writing).
    I am being able to start working for you over August. I have experience with python, now i’m making a project using it (and linux scripting).
    Subversion is not a problem and i can learn Django. I would need three weeks to be productive in Django (beginning at august).
    So if you need to know something more, just ask me sending a mail.
    Thanks for reading me.