I’ll be in the OSWC 08 in Malaga next week

Me complace anunciar que la próxima semana estaré dando una charla en la Open Source World Conferencen en Málaga sobre mi framework DesktopRails. Aún estoy trabajando en la release de la version 0.3 y en la presentacion pero pronto escribiré un post con más información ahora que he recuperado el control de mi blog. Nos vemos alli en Málaga 🙂

I am glad to announce that I'll be giving a talk in the Open Source World Conference the next week in Malaga. It will be on Tuesday 21th at 12noon in Sala2. The topic will be DesktopRails, the framework for desktop application development on .Net and Mono. DesktopRails is a fork of Boxerp which is a project I left as I didn't plan to write a framework for any ERP, I just want to focus on desktop development. These days I am working on the release of v0.3 which I hope to finish before the presentation. The wiki is also being updated and populated with documentation.

  • http://knocte.blogspot.com/ Andrés G. Aragoneses

    Hey! Congratulations! This DesktopRails framework seems very interesting.

    But I have a question: can it be used with Stetic-made apps within MonoDevelop?

    It seems you’re doing an amazing work in OSL-ULL!

  • http://carlosble.com Carlos Ble

    Hi Andres!!!
    Thanks man. Of course it can be used with MonoDevelop, in fact, MonoDevelop is the default platform on Linux. Visual Studio for window. Take a quick look at this tutorial: http://desktoprails.osl.ull.es/doku.php?id=documentation:users:tutorials:tutorial1

    The work is not amazing, but I like it 🙂
    Thanks mate, it is appreciated