Two years blogging

Dos años escribiendo este blog!. This month is the second birthday of this blog. Time flies. Having a technical blog is being very positive as it is a place to store information that I might need later. It helps people sometimes, is good for my CV and it has helped me to get a job too. Writing in english is a challenge because here in Spain I don't talk in english so I forget many things and I get to lots of doubts. I make lots of mistakes by the way. The stats says that my readers are mainly english speaking people so it is worthwhile to write in this language although colleagues over here complain about that. .Net and C# is the topic people read the most. WordPress stats says that there are between 20 and 90 readers everyday.

Some stats:

Top Posts

WPF TreeView, 663 views

Samba, dominios, impresoras y políticas con Windows XP, 349 views

Could not load type X from assembly Y, 313 views

  • esauro

    Happy birthday and “Y que cumplas muchos más”. I suspect you have more english readers because you use to write in english. Your second top post and your third most active is spanish, so maybe if you use to write in spanish get the same readers.

  • Carlos Ble

    Thanks man!
    I wrote the samba post in spanish because all the documentation I found on samba was in spanish. It turns out that samba is mostly used for spanish speakers or at least, it is documented by them on the forums.
    Believe me, the blog culture is not as strong in the latin world as it is in the anglo-saxon one whe it comes to IT.
    I know I look pedantic to you spanish readers because I write in english despite of my mistakes but it is worthwhile.