First it was the ASP.Net MVC now it is the Extensibility Framework

Nice to see this Microsoft trend. They are pretty much copying the features implemented on great Open Source frameworks like CastleProject or Spring.Net. They published the ASP.Net MVC which is a kind of copy of MonoRail and they are now working on Dependency Injection and other stuff that reminds me the whole CastleProject. See the new here:

Hammet wrote that he was invited by MS, to talk about his experience on the development of MonoRail and Cwalina says that they've got feedback from Ayende (Oren Eini) which is really good news for the Open Source I'd say.

This is good for everyone although I wonder what is the future of the CastleProject. I'd say it won't die soon, it is very stable, widely used and mature, ... same for Spring.Net.

What are the differences between Dependency Injection and the Strategy Pattern?