Agile software development in the OSL

Now in the Oficina de Software Libre, I am the architect and we're defining the methodologies for the next projects we're starting. They are software for the university. The main methodology is going to be Test Driven Development which is not tight to any particular technology. However, the software development scope is bigger than just TDD. There are many things to have into account, in special when we must use open source technologies. Here are the slides of the first development meeting.

* Open Office format
* PDF format

  • Software Development

    I have a important thing to discuss with you… its all about how to find cheap software to our business,and offcourse it is that nothing’s cheaper than open source

  • Carlos Ble

    Nice, so go ahead and ask 🙂

  • CD Recovery

    I too favor test driven development as this eliminates the rework that is there in the development process