Juval Lowy on WCF

I am reading now a very interesting book on WCF. I like the way Juval writes, I learned a lot in his "Programming .Net Components" book so I decided to give this new book a read and I'm enjoying it. But I think what made me go for this book, was mostly the polemic podcast that you can find at ARCast with Ron Jacobs interviewing Juval Lowy. He says that TDD is a "yesterday methodology" among other things. All are arguments for you to use WCF rather than criticism to agile methodologies, or at least that is what I like to think... what do you think?

Leaving Ireland

It's time to say goodbye again. This days I am documenting and helping my colleague Audry to take over the application I've working on, in the past 6 months. A desktop application written on WPF to manage the contents of the brand new King Pundit website. It is nice to see King Pundit running, we've made it from scratch. Actually, I haven't done anything in the website other than fixing a few bugs but I'm proud of my team.
I started in Buy4Now at the beginning of the year and since that, everyone has treated me very well. I haven't have any conflicts with anybody, I've really enjoyed the "craic" in here, and the company has done a lot for me. When I came here I wasn't able to talk in english, it took me half an hour to build a sentence and pronnounce it. Now I still don't understand my friends John and Allan, but at least I understand most of my colleagues and I can talk quite "fast".
I've learned a lot this year and I've met great developers here. So apart from the huge live experience that is going out to another country with a different language, the technical experiencie has been fantastic.
I came here developing on Mono and MonoDevelop,... now I leave this place using Visual Studio and .Net 3.0, and I'm quite happy for that, it is very good to realise which platform makes you more productive.
I'll miss this country becuase Ireland is a wonderful place and the Irish are great people in my opinion. I remember that at the beginning, I wasn't able to drink more than a pint of Guinness, but now I can drink 5!, ... it's all about training 🙂
In 2008 I'll be back in the Canaries, beatiful and sunny Spanish islands. I'll probably lose my english "fluency" but will get some sun tan so... yeah, I'll get recovered from this sad moment. I'll be ok.
Thanks to Dan, Alex and Atilla for the decision they made about hiring me and thanks for everything to everyoneelse at Buy4Now for being patient with me.

Now let's go to the pub to say goodbye properly, isn't it?

Generating API documentation with Doxygen

I saw Doxygen for the first time when I was working with Gtkmm time ago, and I really liked it. Now, looking for a nice tool for C#, it turns out that NDoc is dead and does not support .Net 2.0 so I thought about Doxygen and... it rocks!. And I'm not the only one that thinks that. I've generated the docs from Windows (command line) without any problem.
For a nicer html generation I've used this settings in the configuration:

  • FILE_PATTERNS = *.cs
  • EXCLUDE_PATTERNS = *.svn* *obj/*

I think the rest of the options are the default ones. So there you go another way to document your C# projects.

I've generate the API docs for Boxerp.Client.dll 0.2.2 here: API Docs

Cool Spanish .Net site: La Bloguera

It is very cool indeed!. I'm very happy because the guys at La Bloguera have just made me a member so now I can blog there :-).

Creo que desde que regrese a Espana voy a escribir los posts tecnicos tambien en espanol,... desde luego la ocasion lo merece. La gente espanola y latina se esta moviendo, eso es maravilloso 🙂
Muchas gracias a Thempra y Cesar por hacerme miembro de La Bloguera.