Welcome Open Suse 10.2

S8000349.JPG After 1 year using Mandrake, 5 years using Debian and about 2 using Ubuntu I decided to jump to Open Suse, having both systems in my laptop. The main reason is that I don't have much time to struggle with packages and versions and I do want to get the latest versions of Mono in order to develop my projects. I have Suse to easily get the Mono binaries and I have Ubuntu to experiment, build software from source, and other things. I've been using Gnome for years and I'd like to track KDE as well having a different user experience.
As a gift for myself I've purchased Open Suse from Novell to get a nice box with original stuff, manuals and support. It is my way to contribute to the Mono project too. Hopefully in the future people will pay money for the support, not for the software 🙂
The installation of Open Suse is great, it even resized my Ubuntu ext3 partition turning it to ext2 (although it didn't convert it to ext3 again, I had to do so manually with tune2fs).
Now I must say that the experience has been a bit disappointing. First of all, there is no support contract inside the box (papers) and all the information is in the Novell website. It is not clear what the support covers and they answer the tickets nothing fast in the help desk system. I felt that Open Suse 10.2 wasn't enough tested before the release because there are quite a few updates to download and the system actually gets better once updated.
I mean, it is absolutely reasonable and usual to have a bunch of important updates as the open source community never stalls the ball but when you pay for the software you expect a little bit more, you count on the original cds and dvds you have purchased.
I had a weird incompatibility problem between the firmware version of my laptop BIOS (Acer TravelMate 4202wlmi) and Linux Kernel that caused random freezes during the kernel startup sequence. Fortunately it is working very good after the update.
So, if you get Open Suse 10.2 don't forget to download the lastest updates. Go to the "computer menu", run Yast2, go to "Online Update Configuration" and after that go to "Online Update" in order to get the updates. In addition if you want to get some non-free packages go to "Installation Source" and add the next addresses (mp3, mplayer, and other cool stuff):
Server Name: packman.mirrors.skynet.be
Directory on Server: /pub/packman/suse/10.2

Server Name: download.opensuse.org
Directory on Server: /distribution/10.2/repo/non-oss/suse/

And other cool package sources such as the Mono packages or the Linux kernel:

Server Name: software.opensuse.org
Directory on Server: /download/Mono/openSUSE_10.2/

Server Name: software.opensuse.org
Directory on Server: /download/Kernel:/HEAD/openSUSE_Factory/

Finally I got what I wanted, to have the last Mono packages, including the last MonoDevelop 0.14 which is awesome !!!, because with Suse you are able to go to monodevelop.org, check out the rpm package and install it directly if it is not in any respository yet.

  • http://nestor.babuine.net Nestor

    Hey ! I’ve thought about switch my distribution to opensuse too. I want check the update actualizations and the program versions because, I like stay in the bleeding edge 🙂

    See you !

  • http://carlosble.com Carlos Ble

    Hi Nestor! How are you getting on man?!
    It is great to have the latest Mono stuff but at the expense of a heavy system :-(.
    Will post about that soon

  • Néstor

    Qué pasa aquí?? tengo un doble extranjero… o tienes otro lector con mi mismo nombre? Pues yo estoy bastante contento con mi Fedora, he probado Ubuntu y tengo unas ganas enormes de pelearme con Debian que increiblemente todavía no la he instalado nunca, lo que como sé que lleva tiempo (hay que pelearse bastante con esta distro), pues como que no…
    Este blog también es cojonudo, no lo dejes. Me sigues sorprendiendo como hacías en el insti.
    Estoy haciendo un proyecto fin de carrera utilizando la tecnología UPnP. Utilizaré un SDK libre (http://pupnp.sourceforge.net/) que si me sale algo medianamente decente, ya te lo mostraré, haré una web para quien le quiera echar un vistazo o lo que sea.
    Un abrazo Carlillos.
    Fdo. Nésto, Mame o del orden de un 2.

  • http://carlosble.com Carlos Ble

    Ese Nestor!
    Jeje, al otro Nestor no tengo el gusto de conocerle en persona pero se que es un gran desarrollador y le esta dando canya en la comunidad Open Source, en especial en Mono. A ver si algun dia coincidimos en algun evento.

    Con respecto a tu proyecto, tiene muy buena pinta tio. Solo espero que estes usando algun sistema de control de versiones para el desarrollo… lo estas usando verdad?
    En caso que no fuese asi date de alta ya en sourceforge, berlios, o donde sea que te den una cuenta gratis y algun control de versiones y entonces te prometo que miro tu proyecto 😉
    Con la Debian hoy en dia no deberias tener que pelearte mucho pero de todos modos, es posible que tengas mejores cosas en que invertir tu tiempo 🙂
    Bueno tio un abrazo y a ver si escribimos en ingles hombre …

  • Néstor

    Coño, no me había dado cuenta que era tu blog en inglés, jajaja!
    Sorry, my english is very bad, but…
    In this moment I am using subversion, but until I finish that my teacher want, I won t publish anything. When I read my project (y termine mi p… carrera) then I will publish all and i will continue working in this project and I will help in the pupnp project.
    Joder, he sudado la gota gorda… parece mentira que lo poco que sabía lo he perdido… la falta de hábito… menos mal que lo de leer más o menos se me da…

  • http://carlosble.com Carlos Ble

    Hehehe, your english is not that bad! by the way, never trust my english because I make a lot of mistakes in special with prepositions and verbs + ing form 🙁
    Nice to read about your project!

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