A couple of days using OpenSuse

KDE is beautiful, no doubt of that and I like the development tools they have a some applications but... In terms of performance I still prefer Gnome. And in terms of "stability" I prefer Ubuntu (it doesn't means that Suse is not stable!).
Well, the guys at Suse are making an impressive work (and very necessary) on tools like Yast2, developing graphical tools for everything but the performance could be improved. I'm happy supporting OpenSuse and it is being great having the last Mono and MonoDevelop versions, it is really productive for my projects.
So far, what I've learned as a Suse user is:

  • The system doesn't freeze, but sometimes it gets stuck for few seconds and you may think it is frozen... so don't restart it !
  • Suse developers want you to use their graphical tool so don't skip them touching files manually !
  • If you want to improve the performance... upgrade the packages!, use Gnome!
  • If you download a .rpm package (ie, monodevelop 0.14) don't open it with the "package installer" that you will see on the list (it doesn't work for me and nor for some friends), rather open the .rpm packages by typing "zen-intaller" in the applications search box

There is only one thing I hate on KDE: when you click on an application icon, the icon animation starts but the application never starts and you never get any error message. It sounds like somebody is catching an exception improperly !! 🙂

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