I Jornadas de Software Libre SSL-ULL (The Report)

The past few days has been very fun and exciting for me. I met great hackers (a couple of them were also friends) and all the presentations I attended have been really interesting. I am happy enough with my presentation and with the questions that people asked to me at the end. Thanks to Marc-André for sending me a video showing his Generator for my presentation, I thought that people enjoyed it. I hope that Mono, Castle, and MonoDevelop will gain more users here in Tenerife and the free/libre software production will increase in the Canary Islands.

You can read Alvaro's post about the conference, it is very nice; thank you very much for everything Alvaro. To talk with Rodrigo Moya, Antonio Larrosa, Steve McIntyre, Esteban Manchado and Agustin Benito was really nice. I also want to say thanks to Paco Almeida, René Martín, Adrián Santos & Javier Quijada for let me talk in the conference and for their effort in this big conference.

Yesterday when I took Steve to the airport in the south, the fly delayed 6 hours (initial estimated time 21, final real time 2.30). It was incredible but It was fun for me because we went to a beautiful beach to drink free beer and Steve told to me cool news about the future of Debian, some brilliant hacks and some other amazing things. I will post some photos when people send them to me.
See you soon my friends.
Update: Steve's photos. (Im the red t-shirt guy)