Committed professionals you can trust

We are problem solvers - professional software developers, passionate trainers and seasoned consultants. Our values and principles:

  • Treat our customers as we would like to be treated
  • People are always the most valuable asset
  • Honesty and transparency first
  • Joy at work
  • Minimize risk
  • Maximize feedback
  • Lifelong learning
  • Simplicity
  • Communication

Our customers

Adesis Netlife, Alea Soluciones, Antevenio, Amper, Axa, Biko2, Bunt Planet, Frogtek, Gobierno de Canarias, Grupo Domingo Alonso, Grupo SM, IronHack, Indra, IPSA, iSQI, JPG Consultores, La Salle (Universitat Ramon Llull), Lextrend, Lorem Solutions, OpenFinance, Quomai, Ricoh, SaludOnNet, Telvent, Tuguu, Unience, Universidad de La Laguna, Universidad San Pablo CEU, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, VILT Group

Our team


Carlos Ble

Carlos has been independent consultant, trainer and developer since 2009 helping dozens of teams and organizations all over Spain. Also training teams in Berlin, London, Brussels and Bordeaux. From 2001 to 2009 worked for a wide variety of companies including his own startups. He's author of the first book on TDD in the Spanish language. He is full stack developer using mostly JavaScript, C#, Java and Python.

Today many customers trust Carlos, counting on him for more projects than a single person can handle. This is why Carlos Ble & Associates is now a trustworthy company powered by a group of software craftsmen.

Carlos is vegan and runs a cat shelter in Tenerife that some day will hopefully become an animal sanctuary.

| Professional blog | Personal blog
Twitter: @carlosble


Luis Rovirosa

Luis is trainer, consultant and developer. Among many other things, he is our PHP expert

Twitter: @luisrovirosa

alfredo casado

Alfredo Casado

Alfredo has been writing software for more than 14 years. In the last 6 years he has been leading teams and using practices like TDD and DDD. He is a well-known member of the Java Hispano community as well as Agile Spain.

Twitter: @alfredocasado

fran reyes

Fran Reyes

Fran is a software developer who cares about doing the things right and the continuous improvement. Embraces agile approaches (Extreme Programming, Scrum, etc) because he thinks it's a good way to build excellent software.

Loves working with passionate people on useful and well-crafted software. Although, his background is techie, he is really interested in all areas involved in the final product (Business, UX, Operations, etc)

Twitter: @fran_reyes

modesto san juan

Modesto San Juan

Modesto is our .Net expert. Our DevOps master when it comes to the .Net platform and a talented developer. He has been writing software since he was 14 years old.

Twitter: @msanjuan

Juan M. Gomez

Juan M. Gomez

Juan is a contractor software engineer focused on productivity and with a strong interest in software architecture and AI. Juan is specialized in mobile development, he is our Xamarin expert.


Twitter: @_jmgomez_


Nestor Bethencourt

Néstor is a passionate software developer, constantly improving

Twitter: @nestor_bs

Zazu Vega

Zazu Vega

Zazu is our artist, our designer. Freelance Designer
Twitter: @rembha