We solve problems

  • Count on us to deliver high quality tailor-made software
  • We provide training on TDD, clean code, refactoring and JavaScript
  • We are committed consultants
  • We help teams deliver value

Committed professionals

We are problem solvers - professional software developers, passionate trainers and seasoned consultants. Our mission is to make the world a better place and step at at time, guided by values and principles:

  • Treat our customers as we would like to be treated
  • People are always the most valuable asset
  • Honesty and transparency first
  • Joy at work
  • Minimize risk
  • Maximize feedback
  • Always learn
  • Simplicity
  • Communication

The team


Carlos Blé

Carlos has been independent consultant, trainer and developer since 2009 helping dozens of teams and organizations all over Spain. From 2001 to 2009 worked for a wide variety of companies including his own startups. He's author of the first book on TDD in the Spanish language. He is full stack developer using mostly JavaScript, C#, Java and Python.

Today many customers trust Carlos, counting on him for more projects than a single person can handle. This is why Carlos Ble & Associates is now a trustworthy company powered by a group of software craftsmen.

Twitter: @carlosble



Juan M. Gomez

Juan M. Gomez

Juan is a contractor software engineer focused on productivity and with a strong interest in software architecture and AI. Juan is specialized in mobile development, he is our Xamarin expert.

Blog: http://jmgomez.me/

Twitter: @_jmgomez_



Imobach Martin


Imobach has been a professional developer since 2003. Focused on TDD and Refactoring he tries hard to craft productive and simple code. Always keen to learn. Imo is our JavaScript and Appcelerator expert

Twitter: @kabomi5




Nestor Bethencourt


Néstor is a passionate software developer, constantly improving

Twitter: @nestor_bs




Luis Rovirosa


Luis is trainer, consultant and developer. He is our PHP expert

Twitter: @luisrovirosa



Zazu Vega

Zazu Vega


Zazu is our artist, our designer.

Site: http://practik.es

Twitter: @rembha